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Snake Pit

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by Cindy Bostick, Best Year Yet Partner

I believe that until we take full responsibility for what shows up in our life, we will stifle creativity, passion, and the potential to breathe life into our dreams.

Shakespeare’s most recognized soliloquy is the moment when Hamlet ponders this question of whether the unknown experience of death is easier to bear than living.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep:

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to…”

In recent weeks in the United States we’ve heard a lot about the economy, jobs, and unemployment. The “slings and arrows” of life are real and painful for millions of people, yet during the political campaigns I am saturated and sometimes disgusted by the victim-like political attitudes, such as casting blame, making excuses, and whining uselessly.

So it is utterly refreshing to witness real personal responsibility in action. I’d like to share Bryan’s story.  Prior to the foreclosure market he was a creative and respected coach and trainer in a large real estate franchise.  He was a salaried employee doing work he loved until he was laid off because his area was one of the hardest hit.

Bryan is a licensed real estate agent but hadn’t sold properties to clients in a couple of years because of his training role. As a result he had no current database of clients or actual experience in the blooming REO or foreclosure market.  He made the decision to stay in the real estate field and shift to this new market, which contained 99% bank- owned inventory.  He knew how to acquire listings from real property owners, but he wondered how do to break into the business of listing properties with banks and asset management companies.

Every morning at 5:00 am Bryan began his day by downloading broker price opinion (BPO) orders and REO assets.  He and his family experienced three months with little or no income from his efforts and collection calls were coming in fast and furiously!

Slowly business started to trickle in, and he was earning enough to put gas in his car.  Bryan spent a few years going in and out of vacant homes in dangerous areas, taking photos, and performing mini-appraisals for the asset companies.  His tough, mental attitude was beginning to wane when one day, in a small desert town in California, he met the snake that changed everything.

He entered a house with no windows or doors; it was a shell of the home it once was.  When Bryan made his way inside, the rattlesnake was coiled up in the living room.  Bryan’s order required that he take photos of every interior room.

“I wasn’t about to go past the rattlesnake who no doubt had decided it was a showdown between me and his new home.  I took a picture of him, sent it to the asset manager with the message to find someone else.

It was at that moment that I knew this was not the life I wanted. So as I stood there looking up to the sky in the middle of the desert, I prayed.  I spent that evening on the PC searching for opportunities in other geographical areas to get back to doing what I loved – productivity coaching and training.”

Within a month Bryan landed a position in Marina Del Rey, a beach city in Southern California. Today Bryan is running one of the largest and most profitable real estate franchises in the nation, and his story is an inspiration to many others because in a bad situation he raised his head high enough to focus on what he wanted — and then he took action to get out of the snake pit!

No matter what, play to win and never, ever give up.

You never know when your defining moment will show up

and when it does, you best be ready to take action because if you don’t,

you’ll fall victim to what could have been God’s answer to your prayers.

All the Best,

Cindy Bostick
Mobile:  760.953.1269

Cindy is a Certified Transformative Coach and Best Year Yet Program Leader. She is a 2012 graduate of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy.

She is a Women’s Council of Realtors Local Chapter President and also a Real Estate Broker.  In 2010, Cindy transitioned from the role of managing a large real estate franchise to focus on coaching individuals and teams achieve the results they most want and need in their lives.

She is especially sensitive to the challenges faced by real estate and other professionals today and works with her clients to provide perspective, a road map and accountability as they create and achieve their most important business and personal goals.

Prior to real estate sales, management and coaching, Cindy invested 20 years in the defense industry as Sr. Finance and Business Manager. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business and has completed graduate level marketing course work.

Cindy and her husband reside in Apple Valley, Ca.

Beyond the Moment of Change

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by Diana Baysinger,  Best Year Yet Partner and Trainer


Those of us who have created our Best Year Yet plans are familiar with the phrase The Moment of Change. This moment happens after Question 4 of our 10-question process that leads to the one-page plan for the year.  When we identify our most limiting belief about ourselves and release the energy that has held us back from reaching our true potential, we experience a moment of change. The creation of a new paradigm enables us to step into a new belief that aligns with making the next year our Best Year Yet. Our new paradigm creates an emotional surge that helps us live with passion and purpose. The top 10 goals ensure the actions that direct us on our journey for the year.

Beyond the Moment of Change lays this thing called life, and it is filled with a multitude of moments. It is what we do with each moment that makes us successful — or not. Living from the new paradigm, moment to moment, leads us to sustainable change. Staying conscious about the direction of our paradigm and acting on our goals enables us to embrace the beliefs and behaviors that lead to success. The intentional practice of our paradigm is embedded in our lives and emerges as the new norm. Our thoughts are like magnets. Each thought we have has an energy that attracts experiences.

I am currently working with a 23-year-old woman named Jacie, who created her Best Year Yet plan to get direction in her life and career. She has taken a break from college because she is not sure what she wants to do with her education.

She is a talented basketball player and a gifted potter. She is considering a career as a Basketball Coach and/or opening her own Jacie’s Pottery business. Her paradigm is,

I am valuable and amazing and value who I am.

She did not start out feeling the strength of her paradigm, but she was committed to living into it and progressing her goals. Recently her volunteer position as a High School assistant basketball coach turned into a paid position. She has been given a great deal of responsibility for developing programs and is conscientious and committed to being a positive influence in the lives of the young girls she coaches.

On more than one occasion she has felt frustrated by the lack of leadership in the department and has had to learn patience in the face of unrealized expectations. She has learned to stay focused on her own development rather than on the inadequacies of the head coach and other coaching assistants. Each day, each moment, she meets the challenge of living into her own ideas, practices and purpose. She has always been a valued member of the staff and been energized by her paradigm to create her own coaching service for those girls who are looking for basketball scholarships. These experiences are examples of her living beyond the moment of change. Jacie is young and learning ways to enrich her life by paying attention to her gifts and talents. She is developing greater clarity about who she is and what she wants to do. Her direction is coming as a result of living each moment through conscious choice.

I, on the other hand, am at a different place in life, sometimes called the third act when you are over 65 years old. Every year I create my own Best Year Yet plan because I know the rewards of living beyond the moment of change into the life of your dreams.

It took me years to break the cycle of fear that I experienced as a result of growing up with a learning disability. I was burdened by the thoughts of “it is too hard “and, “I am not smart enough”. These thoughts held me back and made me feel insecure. My breakthrough came when I knew I wanted a degree in higher education to establish a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I was committed to that goal and willing to do whatever it took to reach it.

I was denied acceptance the first time I applied to the program but was advised to start taking classes and prove my commitment. After completing 3 core classes I applied again and was accepted. My belief began to shift to

I can do anything I put my mind to.

I have lived with that belief for the last 30 years of my life and have had a successful full-time private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the past 28 years. I will be closing that part of my life in a year when I retire and move full-time into my role as a Best Year Yet Coach and Trainer.

The final story that demonstrates life Beyond the Moment of Change is about a blind man’s dream to climb Mt. Everest. His name is Eric Weihenmayer and he was part of a 19-person team that created a Best Year Yet plan at base camp and set forth on their history-making journey.  I interviewed Michael O’Donnell, the team’s Best Year Yet coach and also Eric’s expedition guide, about the story behind the story.

He told me that the goal for him was not only to reach the summit but more importantly to set an example and change the perception of what is possible. The defining moment for him was not the climb itself but the change in his internal life that resulted from his Mt. Everest experience. He learned to step into his life and appreciate every moment. The gift he received from the Mt Everest experience was a heightened sense of awareness and living the life he was meant to live.

  • What is your Mt. Everest experience?
  • What are your dreams and are you living your way into them?
  • What are some of your Beyond the Moment of Change stories?

I would love to hear from you and can be contacted at


Diana Baysinger, owner of Arizona Partners, has been in business for over 28 years. She serves non-profits, leaders, individuals, students and teams throughout the United States and Europe. She is the Best Year Yet Online coaching certification trainer and has trained over 55 individuals around the world to use Best Year Yet in their business. You can contact Diana at or 

Let Your Light Shine

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By Audrey Taylor, Best Year Yet Partner

When I learned that this series of Best Year Yet articles was about the shift from a self-centered reality to one devoted to helping those around us and beyond, this idea of serving others rang true for me. For me, service offers a heart-centered experience, one that comes from our willingness to give our gifts and talents in unconditional support for the highest and best in another person.

Some years ago while participating in a bible study group, some of us became aware that we wanted to go beyond discussing the lessons and to start putting the principles studied into practice.  In the spring of 1994, we formed a non-profit organization called Inner Vision Women’s Ministry (IVWM) and we called our founding members the Cornerstones. With Love being our common bond, we were united in a single purpose – providing a ministry of women, for women and their families. Our shared vision stated:

“We are the Hands, Eyes, and Heart of God – always teaching principle by demonstrating Inner Strength, Unconditional Love, and Abundant Prosperity in all we do. We serve others with style, dignity and respect. Those touched by our loving and healing energy discover their own inner power and strength and in turn bless others.”

Being part of this ministry was truly a transformative experience that I continue to carry with me in other life relationships.  Not only did we enrich the lives of those we were guided to serve, we were able to realize our shared vision for ourselves as well.

I believe every one of us is being called to let our light shine. When your light within is blocked by self-limitation, self-doubt, stress, and fear, your light becomes dim. Fortunately you are more empowered than you give yourself credit for being.

When you are willing to ask, help is always available.

The primary reason I became a Best Year Yet Partner is because I want to be the best Self I can possibly be in life.  I know that that purpose then allows me to support others to do the same.

I appreciate the inside out approach of the system and the BYY purpose – to empower everyone to create the results they want and need.

The passionate approach of Jinny Ditzler, author and co-founder of the Best Year Yet system, inspired me as well. She says: “We trust that people already have what they need and want. All we provide are the tools, software, questions, support, and discipline to help them do what they already want to do.”  And as Albert Einstein said, 

“I never teach my pupils;
I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

The journey of transformation begins with me. I will best serve others when I am willing to serve myself.  Allow Best Year Yet to support you to embrace the real you and let your light shine.

Completing my BYYO plan year after year has inspired me to listen deeply and trust that my Higher Power is speaking to me if only I am willing to listen.  BYYO has become the foundational coaching tool I offer my clients which serves them in a truly empowering way.

This inspiring tool allows those we serve to transform their lives in ways that honor the whole Self.

 “The universe is always speaking to us…Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.” — Nancy Thayer

Recently two clients passed on referrals to me because of the changes they are experiencing in their life since creating their BYY plan. When their friends or colleagues made comments about how they seemed different and asked what’s going on? Their response was: “I have a coach and she is helping me to live my life on purpose with Best Year Yet.”  While the demands they face have not changed, how they are responding to them is very different. They are living into their paradigm, setting priorities better, focusing on what matters most, and allowing others to be responsible for what belongs to them.

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”— Earl Nightingale


If you’d like to share a comment, ask a question, or find out more about Best Year Yet, please contact me directly at:

Coaching for Greatness
Marietta, Georgia

About Ms. Audrey Jean Taylor

Audrey Taylor is President of DeBarros Ltd, a Human Resource Consulting, Training and Coaching business in Marietta, Georgia and founder of Coaching for Greatness.

Audrey is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in delivering Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management initiatives and Executive Coaching programs in various industries. She is highly rated as an inspiring coach, enthusiastic facilitator and college professor. Her optimistic style encourages and empowers the best in those she serves.

Audrey holds distinct certificates: Best Year Yet® Online Coach, International Coach Federation as ACC, “Coach Academy Professional Coach (CAPC)”, “Certified NLP Coach (NLPC), “Passion Test” Facilitator, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), graduate of Robbins Research International Inc., Mastery University Program. She is also an Adjunct Professor Online at DeVry University, teaching classes in Career Development.

The World Beyond These “Walls”

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by Karen Morey, Best Year Yet Director of Training

“I have come to the realization that my job is all-consuming.
 Between my job and my family, I have no other life!”

I was meeting with a woman who was a member of a leadership team I was coaching and she had just completed her own individual Best Year Yet plan as part of the program.  Although I had not had this discussion with her before, her words sounded familiar. 

In fact, I remembered vividly my own similar discovery some 25 years ago when I was invited to attend a women’s networking luncheon outside the bank where I worked.  It was the first time I had interacted with women other than my friends at work in such a long time that I was dumbstruck and energized at the same time!  How had my world become so narrow?!?

Unfortunately, I had heard similar refrains from many other clients so I encouraged my new client to explore this realization further.  Her eye opener had begun when she answered Question 6 in the Best Year Process – “What roles do I play?”  Recently divorced and with nearly grown children, she realized her current roles were shrinking.  I suggested she expand the question to include “What roles do I WANT to play?”  Her enthusiasm grew as she identified new roles for her list that included Friend, Spiritual Being, Learner, and Traveler.   To finish her plan, she set tangible goals for herself not only in her roles as manager, mother, and daughter, but in the new roles she wanted to explore.

Over the coming months each time I met with my client’s team for a monthly review, she took me aside for a moment to give me an update: 

“I’ve had lunch with two old friends this month.” 
“I’m visiting different churches to find one that feels like a good fit.” 
“I’ve signed up for a 9-month leadership development course that includes 20 women from other companies!”
“I’ve booked a trip to the mountains with my sister and my mom!”

Since my ultimate client was her boss and I was coaching his team to achieve some aggressive goals, I was keenly aware that I was encouraging her to do many things that had nothing to do with contributing to that team.  But here’s what happened:

As she developed her active involvement in a “bigger world,” her participation on the leadership team transformed.  She became more energized, spoke up more often, offered more creative solutions, and challenged the rest of the team to go further and faster.  Instead of detracting from her focus on her job, her new life beyond the walls of the company was in fact igniting her enthusiasm for her work!

She has continued to create a new Best Year Yet plan each year since that breakthrough, and her adventures continue!  She has enjoyed international trips with friends and family, volunteered for community programs, become active in a church, participated in a mission trip to Puerto Rico, learned a new hobby, and signed up for a spiritual development course.

Transforming her life has resulted not only in richer personal experiences, but also in her becoming an effective leader in her company and in making a bigger contribution to the world beyond. She’s strengthening her relationships with family and friends, serving those in need in the community and elsewhere, and becoming an active citizen in the world.

Does my client’s lament ring true for you as well?  Do you have a desire to be more engaged in the world outside the “walls” of your work?  

Consider taking some time to walk yourself through the 10 questions in the Best Year Yet process again – this time with a focus on the roles you WANT in your life, not just the ones you have now.  You do have something more to offer the world – and the world is waiting to hear from you!

Karen Morey has been helping executive teams shift limiting behaviors and mindsets and achieve extraordinary results for the past decade. Combining the latest tools in planning, team development, coaching, and communications with her 25 years of experience in front-line management, she consistently helps clients develop strong, innovative, and focused teams that achieve breakthrough results.

Karen has a proven record of working with corporate leaders and teams to overcome their limitations and achieve their vision for the future. She leads them through the creation of a structured, results-based plan and coaches them to achieve and exceed the goals they have aligned on.

With 25 years of corporate leadership experience, Karen brings to her clients a credible, practical approach that builds high-performance teams, whether corporate or non-profit, large or small. She has worked with clients in manufacturing, financial services, medical systems software, and mail order distribution, as well as numerous local and regional social services and religious organizations. Karen specializes in an adaptive approach to coaching and uses a thought-provoking method of questioning that leads her clients to draw meaningful conclusions that can be readily applied to their personal lives and working environments.

In addition to her work with organizations and executive teams, Karen trains other facilitators worldwide to use the Best Year Yet system of planning, tracking, and follow-through with their clients. She has also designed and delivered training in leadership, performance management, customer service, and sales management.

Move from ‘I’ to ‘We’ – Your Success Depends on It!

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By Donna King, Best Year Yet Partner


I was traveling with the President of our company on a flight from Boston to New York after giving a client presentation. I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I had worked around the clock to get this presentation prepared and perfect. The presentation was a success! 

After waiting for just the right moment, the president said, “The client is worried about you and is not sure you can continue on the account.” I was dumb-founded and devastated. I thought how could they not be happy with my work. It all went so well. Then it became clear that it was not the quality of my work but my less then enthusiastic behavior toward the work I had done. My usual positive Can Do attitude had become No Can Do

This was my Moment of Change. I realized it’s not all about me,
I can’t do it all, and most importantly, I should not do it all.

The client’s growing demands and expanded workload deserved more than I could give on my own. I was doing myself and our organization a disservice by trying to do it all. I needed help, I needed to ask for help, and I needed to believe in the collective expertise and value that a team would provide. This realization led to my paradigm shift.

After a good night sleep, I went to work with a new attitude and mindset — one of a holistic leader. I needed to shed my ego, martyrdom, and fear and then channel my energy into identifying the right team to develop the right plan of action to succeed and grow as an organization. Ultimately we would be producing better results for our client.

The Best Year Yet process has taught me that the key to transformation of teams and organizations is personal responsibility. When we develop ourselves to the next level, our teams grow. When our teams grow, the organization transforms. It all begins by taking personal responsibility for our actions and setting a good example for our teams.

What we do matters and we are all in the position to influence and impact our organizations in positive ways with each move we make. As our self-knowledge grows and we let go of old ways of behaving and thinking, we transform not only ourselves but also the team and the organization. The more we grow and develop, the more our teams follow our lead and reflect our heightened levels of personal responsibility. 

Once I was able and willing to let go, ask for help, and accept others support, talents and expertise, I became a respected leader, a valued mentor, and an effective coach. I set my intention to share my knowledge and to use my lessons to guide and develop a solid team to support our initiatives. As a result of my transformation, I built a collaborative work environment, aligned on the goals that would make the biggest difference to our results. We were accountable to our plan, and we succeeded in our efforts. 

Our organization achieved their BEST YEAR YET! 

Leaders, are you willing to ask for help to develop your team? Remember it starts with YOUand your success depends on it!

About Donna King
Donna King works with individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to help them maximize personal and team performance to improve results. With over 25 years of diverse experience, Donna has brought vision and innovation to the companies where she has worked. She has an excellent track record in developing high-performing teams and driving business initiatives. Donna started her career in Advertising and Marketing. She gained experience in both creative marketing and organizational development at Shasho Jones Direct, NYC, the agency that she cofounded.

As a former business executive and Best Year Yet client, Donna understands the struggles and challenges that leaders face keeping their teams motivated, committed, and on target to meet the “right” goals and priorities. With the help of Best Year Yet, not only did the company gain $40 million in sales growth and increase profit by 10%, but they also transformed the way their team functioned and communicated – with newfound energy, passion and pride. Donna was so impressed with the results and benefits of the program that she transitioned her career to Professional Coaching. Donna now helps leaders in other organizations to achieve a higher level of performance from their teams.
Along with Donna’s positive energy and natural ability to prompt ideas and inspire, she utilizes her coaching skills to help organizations develop strategic plans, improve process and build team structure, and to brainstorm creative solutions.
Donna King serves as Program chair of ICF local chapter, Heartland Coaches Association.


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by Cindy Bostick, Best Year Yet Program Leader

On the last day of 2011 when I took stock of the year, answering the ten questions within the Best Year Yet system, I uncovered a surprising limiting belief that needed inquiry.  While on the fourth question, an insight caught my attention.

 The question is, “how do I limit myself and how can I stop”?  I saw that I was focused on a belief that was aligned with my values and basic training as a young girl, and up until that moment I had seen it as positive and empowering.   

My limiting belief was, “It is better to give than to receive.” Some might say, “What are you talking about, that’s a noble belief to embrace because it’s spiritual, and not self directed.”

I agree, except when there’s no fuel in my tank.  As a result of not tending to my emotional and physical needs, my well being had been compromised. I was on a treadmill and didn’t fully connect with the natural wisdom, gifts and love of my core self.  Basically, I was more attuned with the goings on outside of myself, rather than inside.  I will talk more about the effects but first I’d like to examine what it means to receive and to give according to Dr. Robert Holden. The distinction he paints is brilliant and important for you to understand.

The best-selling author of “Be Happy” and founder of the Happiness Project, Robert Holden, Ph.D. says that:

“Receiving is a prelude to giving.  Receiving and giving are two sides of the same coin.  They are the yin and yang of creation.  They are the vice versa of abundance.  In other words your capacity to receive is what determines your capacity to give; and the more freely you give, the more freely you are given to for as long as you do not receive, you will be afraid that giving equals loss.

If you are not good at receiving, you will not give yourself fully to a relationship or to a job, because you believe giving depletes you.  The only way to keep giving and not receive is to be in sacrificeAnd that only lasts so long before you feel as if you have nothing left to give.  Also in truth, no one can give what he or she has not received.”

In sacrifice?  Now that’s a term I would not have used to describe myself, yet when I took an honest look inside, I see the evidence.  Some examples include job burn out, stress, and vulnerability.  From the outside in, everything looked great, but inside there I felt unworthy and unwell because I hadn’t slowed down long enough to be a good receiver. 

Earlier this year on my way home from Supercoach training in Santa Monica, I stopped by my parents’ house to see how my mom was doing.  Her health was declining at a rapid clip.  I walked into her bedroom and sat quietly next to her gently stroking her hair, taking in the essence of her.  Her eyes remained closed and with a very slight smile on her lips, our souls touched. The love I received that day from my mom mirrored the love I gave back to her in the absence of words.  She had no mask on, she was dying, and I am so glad I was able to show up unmasked as well. It was one of the loveliest experiences of my life. I remember smiling all the way home.

So I’d like to share a new habit, one that helps keep me grounded and creatively connected to the life I love, unmasked.  There are three questions I ask myself at the end of each day.  The questions are from Dr. Holden’s book, Be Happy and they are: 

  1. How am I being? For example, are you being the partner you want to be, the parent you want to be, the colleague you want to be? If not, what could you do more or less of?
  2. What am I giving?  For example, are you using all of your strengths and talents at present?
  3. What am I receiving?  For example, are you being as open as you would like?  Notice how present you are and how receptive you are being to your life.

I almost forgot to share my new “paradigm” that turns the “better to give than receive” limiting belief on its head!

 “I give to myself first in order to give my BEST to others.”

All the Best,

Cindy Bostick
Mobile:  760.953.1269

Cindy is a Best Year Yet Program Leader and Business/Life Coach. She is President of the 2012 Women’s Council of Realtors Victor Valley Chapter and also a Real Estate Broker. In 2010, Cindy transitioned from the role of managing a large real estate franchise to focus on coaching individuals and teams achieve the results they most want and need in their lives.

She is especially sensitive to the challenges faced by real estate and other professionals today and works with her clients to provide perspective, a road map and accountability as they create and achieve their most important business and personal goals.

Prior to real estate sales, management and coaching, Cindy invested 20 years in the defense industry as Sr. Finance and Business Manager. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business and has completed graduate level marketing course work.

In January 2012, Cindy will be attending Michael Neill’s internationally renowned Supercoach Academy.

Cindy and her husband reside in Apple Valley, Ca.

Making Dreams Come True at Natalie’s House

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by Diana Baysinger,  Best Year Yet Program Leader and Trainer

In 2010 I had the privilege of meeting Janet Olsen, Founder and Executive Director of Arizonans for the Protection of Exploited Children and Adults (APECA).  It’s an organization that mobilizes people and resources in the fight against sexual exploitation and abuse. Together we created her first Best Year Yet plan for APECA, and she continued to use BYY for a second year on her own with the support of her Board of Directors.

 Janet started the non-profit organization in 2003. Her dream was three-fold: 

  1. To heighten community awareness through training, workshops, and promoting awareness of sexual exploitation, abuse, and self-injury.
  2. To support activities for teens who are at risk or recovering from self-injury and abuse.
  3. To provide a safe haven called Natalie’s House for teenage girls under the age of 18 recovering from sexual trauma.

Janet purchased the land for the construction of Natalie’s House in 2006. Her vision for the land was to create a place to foster therapeutic living for teens that were recovering from sexual exploitation.  She spent three years securing grants, in-kind donations, approval from the zoning board, and securing an architect to draw the plans. Getting her dream off the ground took over 30 volunteers with various areas of expertise. When she broke ground in 2009, it was the beginning of making her dream come true.

Natalie’s House is an 8-bedoom home that provides shelter, food, clothing, safety, recovery services, and life skill development and educational strategies to assist girls in making the transition to a normal, healthy life. Her Best Year Yet plan included goals to cultivate social media marketing, progress the building of Natalie’s House, and develop fundraising programs. She had been a one-woman operation and was ready to build and develop a Board of Directors and secure her 501C3 status as a non-profit organization.

The next phase of growth for the organization seemed daunting, but their team paradigm helped them get through one step, one goal, and one month at a time: 

We have the courage to succeed!

She successfully created an audio program for teens that describes sexual exploitation and educates them about prevention. The tape was distributed to schools, churches, and corporations; it received local news coverage two times during the year.

Janet secured a website and became active on Twitter and Facebook sharing information about APECA’s teen DVD “Staying Safe for Teens.” She also met with state representatives to secure support for pro-victim legislation and funding.

She raised $50,000 from fundraising events by the end of 2011 to progress the building of Natalie’s House and received in kind donations of labor from the Boy Scouts along with materials from Lowes and local nurseries.

Part of the home design is the therapeutic gardens where each teen will be responsible for her own plot of land. The program is designed to grow produce for the home and educate the girls about how things work, in preparation for future employment with flower shops, Lowes, or the Forest Service. She also obtained $100,000 in grant funding by the end of 2011.

The Board of Directors grew as a result of their Best Year Yet plan and is now a board of eight.  Janet has used the monthly PRO agenda tools to embed the plan into the Board of Director meetings.  APECA now has a fundraising arm called Merry-Go-Round a thrift sale that takes place four to six times a year at different locations around the Phoenix area.

Janet has said that the biggest impact Best Year Yet has had on her organization is that it “helped them have faith in what they were doing during the course of the year.” As a result they were able to chart the course and complete their projects with community collaboration.

Natalie’s House is due to open at the end of 2012. The project has involved teens who have described the structure as “homey, nice, and being a safe comforting place to stay”.

It has been an honor to witness a paradigm come to life and a dream come true. The use of Best Year Yet and the determination of leadership have made a dynamic impact on the community. By creating Natalie’s House, APECA has provided information and shelter to a population that many of us know little to nothing about.

APECA serves our community not only through education but also through prevention so that one day these teens might have their own dream, and it will come true as a result of the success of this organization.


Diana Baysinger, co-owner of Arizona Partners has been in business for over 29 years. She serves non-profits, leaders, individuals, students and teams throughout the United States and Europe. She is the Best Year Yet Online coaching certification trainer and has trained over 45 individuals around the world to use Best Year Yet in their business. You can contact Diana at or 

If you would like to receive a free half-hour consultation with your BYYO plan for 2012, please click here.


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