Our Business Planning Tools

Best Year Yet Online is our entire system completely available to anyone — anywhere. As leading edge web software, it is the perfect tool for reaching everyone in your organization, aligning them to the priorities of the business, as stated in the Best Year Yet Team Plan of the top team in the organization, division or department.

Team Plan made by the entire team is a one-page plan that includes the key lessons from the past, the new paradigm for the coming year that transforms the strongest limiting paradigm of the team, its major focus for the next 12 months, and its Top Ten Goals.

Personal Plan is made by each team member to focus him or her on their key accountability for the Team Plan. It also enables each person to gain the life balance and performance improvement that means they bring all ot themselves to the office each day!

Performance Appraisal system is designed to give executives, managers and staff dynamic and meaningful data that drives real performance improvement, based on each person’s Personal Plan
and performance against the Team Plan objectives for which they are responsible. Within PRO is a Monthly Agenda tool that allows managers and direct reports to be partners in producing results, rather than people individually focused on what’s wrong wtih one another.

Dashboards are part of the Producing Results Online tracking software, enabling a Team so observe scores and progress for every member of the team on their Personal Plan. In a Cascade Program, a Dashboard gives the business leader the tool to track the performance of all the teams in the organization.

Producing Results Online (PRO) is our online planning and results-tracking software and generates the power of positive peer pressure and transparency that drives the constant improvement in their scores and performance on Team and Personal Plans.

12 Lessons of Producing Results come from real-life experience of our clients as well as observation of what the master result-producers did to become such high performance individuals. They form the basis for group discussion that shift the performance of the team toward becoming masters at producing results while transforming their ability to work together.

Principles of Transformation have been part of the Best Year Yet System for 20 years and have proven themselves to be invaluable standards and concepts that enable people to focus on what they can do to transform the team and the organization.