Making a Difference in Haiti

The news from Haiti is more startling every day. Although the response has been enormous, it will take much more to meet the needs of a country and its people who need to rebuild their world from scratch.

We urge you to take a minute to give what you can and – as always to step beyond the limiting beliefs and paradigms that would seek to stop you doing what your heart is telling you to do:

  • They probably have enough donations already.
  • I can’t imagine that what I can give would make a difference.
  • How do I know it will reach those in need?

Here at Best Year Yet we pledge to give 10% of every Best Year Yet Online program sold between this past Monday 18 January through the end of the month. Make a difference while giving yourself your Best Year Yet!

Our friend Robert Middleton, leading marketing guru to independent professionals who want to make a difference, wrote to his list to tell the story of his response and give us specific ideas about what we can do. Thank you, Robert, for letting us share your inspiring words.

How You Can Help in Haiti

By Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

I don’t know about you, but with the earthquake in Haiti I found myself glued to the television and feeling rather helpless in the face of all that devastation.

It’s really hard to comprehend, not just that tens of thousands have lost their lives, but that the living have virtually lost their whole city. It will literally take generations to rebuild.

It kind of puts our small problems in perspective.

And it hopefully brings up the question, “What can I do?”

The answer is that you can make a donation. Perhaps you can do more, but every single person can, at the very least, make a donation that will go directly to aid in Haiti.

My wife and I were on the verge of buying a buying a fireplace heater for our living room. I told my wife that we could do without it this winter and donate that money instead.

So, that’s what we did. And I urge you to do what you can.

Below are links to a number of different trusted organizations that will make sure your donation gets to Haiti and make a difference. And even a small donation can help. I read yesterday that over $50 Million has already been raised from small $5 to $10 donations through cell phones and social media.

Here are a number of links that you can be assured will get your money to Haiti. And, of course, fell free to donate to any other reputable aid organization.


Habitat for Humanity

World Concern



The second thing I ask, especially if you have an e-list of any size, is to send out an email similar to this one to your list after making your donation. The reach possible this way is staggering and it’s this kind of response that’s required to make the impact that is necessary at this time.