What’s it ALL about, Jinny?

I wanted to know who this person really is that wrote a book 16 years ago and, along with her husband Tim, are out to transform the world. So, I decided to ask.

Your Best Year Yet! by Jinny DitzlerJinny Ditzler’s book, Your Best Year Yet!, is in 14 languages and in its 20th printing! Heck, I just wrote a book and am hopeful of selling all 100 copies I bought a few months ago.

I must confess that I, too, am on the same team with Jinny and Tim and about 350 other Best Year Yet coaches, who are out to make a difference and help transform the world. But even after becoming certified in the Best Year Yet coaching and team development system, I spent two more years floating along on my journey to mediocrity, until finally a light bulb went off. I never really took the plunge myself!

So then and there I made a new commitment: I would tackle my own list of annual goals in a new and different way. I called up my Best Year Yet trainer, and she agreed to be my coach. I logged in to the new Best Year Yet Online program and was off and running on new and supercharged fuel! The difference? I owned up to being accountable, and 2009 became a transformative year for me ━ truly my best year yet!

But a few weeks ago it dawned on me that I did not have the whole story — you know, the “story behind the story.” So I asked Jinny and Tim if I could interview them, and they agreed to “go public” about their journey.

Here’s an amazing opportunity you can participate in.

Find out about the magic of 10 simple questions, how they developed, the philosophy behind them, and just who are these people that live in Colorado and are out to transform the world. The one-hour teleconference call, for up to 1000 people, is live on Feb 17, 2010. Please register today, (no cost), and tune in. You have nothing to lose, and your whole life to gain!

Jim Koehneke is a BYY Partner, and a team, executive, and career coach. You can order Jim’s book, Take Charge of Your Life! from his website, http://www.takechargeforresults.com.

Don’t forget to register for the Producing RESULTS Online Series at http://www.BestYearYet.com/producingresults.html