Look for Mr. Magic Inside You!

This week’s blog is written by Dana Burghel, an inspiring Best Year Yet Partner from Romania.

The best way of living our life is to lives is to live it in happiness. And when we are not happy, let’s at least be motivated.

How can we know what is the truth of our lives? Or what we are living for? And how to live it? Maybe it’s time to answer these questions to realize what makes us happy! What are we enthusiastic about? Once we know the answer, we are more motivated than we were yesterday.  Discover the activities that make you happy and your life will be more fulfilling.

For me, it’s touching other people lives, through coaching.

Having goals is good for our brains. Knowing where we want to go helps us to stay motivated.

People with no goals or small goals live small lives.  They drift from circumstance to circumstance, blowing aimlessly in the wind! Learn to think big and do not afraid of BIG.

To keep our BIG GOALS from being scary, break them down into small goals and milestones. Reaching a milestone keeps you motivated till you achieve the BIG goal.

During this journey always remember to finish what you start, reward yourself for small (or big) achievements.  Motivate yourself by keeping your eye on the prize.  It could be a new dress, a vacation or anything that you really like and enjoy!

Don’t forget your hobbies and your passion! When you were 18, what did you like most? What made you really happy? What brought you joy and laughter at that time? Why don’t you enjoy the same now? If the answer is ‘I’m older’, this is not at all the right answer . . .

Socialize with others who have similar interests.  If you like origami, find some Japanese friends. If you like flowers, spend at least a half an hour per day in your own garden — or go to flower-gardening exhibitions. But if you like movies, don’t stay in front of TV.  Instead go jogging.

Remember that mutual support is motivating, and you could find new opportunities and maybe your lost passion through participation with others.

Live your life by living your values. Remember your values, how you live when you are congruent with them and yourself.  This approach is the highest way of celebrating your life!

Return to education and learning! Books are the food for our minds, as friends are for our souls. Keep both near to you all life long!

Balance your thoughts! We have thousands of thoughts during the day and not all of them are good. Our ultimate power comes from choosing what to think! Think nice and think good thoughts.  And if you don’t trust me, please read a Masaru Emoto book about the miracles of water.

Laugh, sing, dance and observe! When did you dance last time on the street and when did you last sing to your parents?

Be generous! Give to less fortunate people at least a smile! It could worth the whole world for them. And also try Best Year Yet program to find Mr. Magic and experience the time of your life!