Visualizing to keep your eye on the plan: Step-by-Step Guide

We all have within us a wonderful power that most of us
under utilize.

Athletes have been using it for eons, and peak performers in all professions have been jumping on the bandwagon.  That power is called visualization.  The consistent practice of visualizing the achievement of your goals – seeing them complete and achieved  – seeing yourself winning!

Visualization of your goals and desires accomplishes four essential things.

1. It activates the creative reservoir in your subconscious that begins generating ideas and inspired action to achieve your goal.

2. It helps you perceive and recognize resources you can access to achieve your dreams.

3. It activates the principle of the law of attraction, thereby drawing into your life the people, resources, and circumstances as stepping stones toward your goals.

4. It builds your self-motivation to take the necessary actions, lighting a spark of what can become true for yourself.

Visualization is really easy.  I suggest you sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine — in as vivid detail as you can — what it’s like for you when one of your goals is achieved.  What would be different for you – what would be delightful?  Notice the feeling it gives you.  See it from the end as if it is.  Imagine being inside of yourself, looking out through your eyes at the desired end result. Get in and now get out.  It’s that quick.  And then progress to your next Best Year Yet goal.

Athletes call this visualization process “mental rehearsal.” All you need is a few minutes a day.  Most of my clients feel that the best time to do their mental rehearsal is when they first wake up.  It sets your energy for the day – very much like programming your GPS.

Create a goal storyboard collage

Another powerful technique is to create a collage of yourself with your goals, as if they were already completed.  If one of your goals is to own a new red car, take a picture of yourself sitting behind the wheel of that car at your local dealership.  If your goal is to visit Egypt, find a picture or poster of the great pyramids and cut out a picture of yourself and place it into the picture.  With today’s technology, you can cut and paste yourself into a scanned picture to make an even more convincing image using your computer.  Some of your goals may have the result of a desired condition, such as inner peace, rather than a tangible thing such as a car.  Find a picture from a magazine or a word that elicits that feeling for you like a person in a chair facing the setting sun.

Create a picture of every aspect of your Best Year Yet plan —
a visual representation for every goal you have.

Use Your New Paradigm Statement to Support Your Storyboard Collage

Your new paradigm statement is the affirmation statement for your entire storyboard collage and evokes not only a feeling, but the experience of already being true in your life.  Have it clearly printed somewhere on your storyboard, at the top, in the center – somewhere to draw your attention and focus on to it.  The collage pictures paint the story of what your life reality is.

See it, believe it, achieve it

See it – believe it – achieve it, that’s the winning formula I like to design with my clients in helping them keep an eye on their Best Year Yet plan and to keep the momentum of progress unfolding.

Through writing down your goals, using the power of visualization and keeping your focus on your new paradigm, you can achieve amazing results.  Visualization helps you shift your beliefs, assumptions, and opinions about the most important person in your life — YOU! They allow you to harness the 20 billion cells in your brain and get them all working in a singular and purposeful direction.  Give it a try and allow your subconscious to become engaged in a process that helps you see the end results you intend to achieve, and feel what it’s like to produce the reality of those results coming true.  It’s a power that comes from within and every athlete knows that it’s a vital key to their success. The process is invisible and doesn’t take a lot of time, and the payoff is immeasurable.

Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes off your goals.  Keep your eyes on the intended end result – be the winning athlete of your plan.

Dory Willer, PCC, SPHR, founder of Beacon Quest Coaching in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of California, is a certified executive and organizational success coach.  Willer was named the 2003 International Coach of the Year, and has been coaching companies like Yahoo!, Wells Fargo Bank, Northrop Grumman and Boards of Directors since 1999 produce thriving results year-after-year with their Best Year Yet plans. <>