Success Strategies For 2011 – Buying & Selling Your Home

The case for home ownership continues to be that it’s the best way for a family or an investor to accumulate wealth and leave a legacy. Responsibly owning a plot of land is still at the core of the American Dream! Survey results from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in October 2010 affirms that two thirds of its respondents support home ownership and more specifically feel that now is the time to buy. Today can also be a perfect time to sell if you are in the driver’s seat and operating from a perspective that empowers you to create what you want in the next year of your life.

A cornerstone Best Year Yet principle teaches about the power of perspective or “paradigm.” A paradigm is like an eyeglass lens through which you see everything around you, including yourself – except you don’t know you’re wearing glasses! In my workshops, I love seeing the “AHA” moments when my clients actually “see” their limiting paradigm because only then are they able to move forward to create the exciting new paradigm and then nail their Top 10 goals for the next year.

You can expect continued tweaking of mortgage lending rules, government policy and related incentives and you’ll need to stay educated about the changes. It’s equally important that you check in with yourself daily and listen to what that little voice in your head is saying because in the coming year, you may have significant opportunities. Don’t let the naysayers cause a limiting paradigm to choke out your potential to make the right personal and/or business choice.

The BIG picture supports why buying and selling real estate makes sense in the coming year and is found in several of the following key indicators provided by the National Association of Realtors:

  • Mortgage Rates (30 year fixed) hit a record low of 4.37% in early September. The average rate over the past 30 years is 8.9%.
  • Affordability measures the percentage of a median family’s income required to make mortgage payments on a median priced home. The historical standard affordability ratio is 25%. The ratio is currently 14.9%.
  • Home Prices are expected to trend up in 2011.
  • Inventory represents the number of homes for sale. Nationally, the number is around $4M (12 months) and represents a great opportunity for buyers. It’s clearly a buyer’s market.
  • Lenders are lending to financially qualified buyers.

As a buyer or seller, your strategic plan for the next year should absolutely begin with a consultation with a local expert agent. I anticipate short sales will pick up steam and be very, very hot in 2011. As you interview agents, ask to see their track record on successful short sale listings and closings. A short sale is basically defined as a sale to a buyer where the lender agrees to accept less than the full amount owed.

The housing market and economic challenges of today remind me of a song recorded by The Temptations 40 years ago titled, Ball of Confusion which described the world they knew back in 1970. I think you’ll agree that we have some of the same issues in 2010, plus or minus a few others..

Fear in the air, tension everywhere

Unemployment rising fast

The Beatles’ new record’s a gas

And the only safe place to live is

On an Indian reservation

And the band played on

Eve of destruction, tax deduction

City inspectors, bill collectors

Mod clothes in demand

Population out of hand

Suicide, too many bills, hippies movin’

To the hills

People all over the world are shoutin’

End the war

And the band played on


Yes! The Band Played On, and according to Sonny and Cher, The Beat Goes On

How’s your paradigm, or your “beat?” According to Best Year Yet author Jinny Ditzler, “our limiting paradigms are not corrected by the facts. We believe we’re right and no external piece of data can change our minds.” I don’t know about you, but for me, this truth was terrifying when I first heard it because it meant that emotion trumped logic. I thought of several key decisions in my life where that was sadly true. Jinny went on to say, “you are the product of your thoughts and feelings. To change the results, change the way you think. Instead of investing your intelligence and energy in beliefs with negative outcomes, switch your focus to beliefs that lead where you want to go.”

Let Best Year Yet help take you where you want to go!

About Cindy Bostick

Cindy Bostick is a Best Year Yet Partner and Business and Life Coach. She is a certified DISC personality profile instructor and a California Real Estate Broker Associate. Cindy is also president-elect of her local Women’s Council of Realtor’s (WCR) chapter for 2011 as well as a former Team Leader with Keller Williams Realty.

Cindy has a passion for working with real estate professionals including Realtors, Lenders, Title and Escrow professionals on how to achieve the results that matter most to them. She is especially sensitive to the challenges faced by these professionals today and coaches her clients by providing perspective, support and accountability as they create and achieve their business and personal goals.

Cindy’s website at offers information about how to take that critical and magical first step into setting personal and business goals for the next 12 months.

Give Cindy a call or a text if you’re curious at (760) 953 1269.  She’d enjoy spending time with you.

“Anytime you see people pursuing a midlife career change, you can almost be certain they had been living someone else’s dream and lost their way.”

~ John Maxwell