Implementing Your Best Year Yet Plan into Your Life

by Mike Burge, Certified Best Year Yet Program Leader, Executive Coach and Publishing Consultant

Imagine or remember that moment – you’ve answered the 10 Best Year Yet questions and you have your one page Best Year Yet printed out and staring back at you. You feel as if you’ve gone through a satisfying and fulfilling journey. In the first half of the journey, you began to realize how you operate in life, and how that has a big impact on the results you’ve obtained in it to date. You’ve maybe experienced some ‘aha’ light bulb moments as well. You’ve decided on your top Guidelines by which you’ll live the next 12 months. You’ve created a new mindset or Paradigm for living those 12 months and beyond; and you’ve created your Top Ten Goals which, when achieved, you’ll look back on a remarkable, fulfilling and life enhancing year.

There may be that frisson of excitement and you may be saying to yourself, ‘if I accomplish all, or even just some of this, I’ll feel great (or insert any phrase or adjective which you’d use).

And then? There may be that familiar little inner voice of doubt – or determination. How are you going to make sure that you do achieve these goals? How will you feel if you do? How will you feel, if for some reason, you don’t?

Having experienced some of these thoughts myself the first time I completed my first BYY plan, I can empathize.

Remember, though, what the process of Best Year Yet consists of:

  1. Make Your Plan. Well, you can put a big check mark next to that one.
  2. Track Your Plan. Remember, as part of your Best Year Yet package, you get free interactive online access to our planning system, Producing Results Online (PRO).
  3. Become an expert at Producing the Results you want and need in your life. We’ll come to this one shortly.

Your next step is about becoming familiar with PRO, by making your specific SMART goals (as well as weekly or quarterly, should you wish) that lead you towards achieving you annual goal. Then at the end of each month, you can review how you’ve done and score each monthly goal, so that you can keep a record of  how much you’ve achieved and if there’s anything extra you need to be doing to get you back on track next month, if you feel you’re a little behind schedule.

Now about number 3 above – becoming an expert in producing those results you want in your life. Within PRO, you have a 12-part audio program to support you on making your Best Year Yet plan really live. Listen to Jinny Ditzler, Best Year Yet’s creator, take you through 12 key lessons – one per month – to support you throughout the year. The more you listen, the more your plan takes on its own life and becomes you. It’s not just something that you do and feel good about. As you take action, you become it, and it becomes you. It’s a living thing.

Below, I’ll share what I and my clients know works, from our own personal experience. How do I know? Well, firstly, because I didn’t follow them initially (guilty); and secondly, because I now use them, and they keep me on track, and my plan alive and successful.

Firstly, though, a couple of confessions from me about some of the common pitfalls that you may come across – learned from personal experience.

  1. Failing to actually look at your plan! Yes, I know it sounds obvious; yet with that wonderful warm afterglow of completing my plan, I felt great about it. And then…ahem, well, life got in the way. I found myself doing all the important and urgent stuff at work and at home. I was so busy with doing all the urgent things in my life that I wasn’t always doing the important things. I wasn’t using PRO. I wasn’t looking at my plan. I hadn’t even put my plan anywhere visible (being almost protective of it and concerned that others might see it!).I caught a glance at it 3 months into the year and felt more than a little foolish. Any progress I’d made was by being a victim of a miracle! From that time onwards, I started listening to the Producing Results audio lessons several times per month and using PRO — realizing what a great tool it was.What I’d been doing in those first three months had been investing in my limiting paradigm/s and beliefs. It was almost as if I didn’t deserve to achieve what I really wanted. I was achieving what others needed — especially at work. However, my wants and needs had been coming in a distant second.
  2. What I’d also been doing in those first 3 months was failing to call for help. I realized that I needed to share my plan with people who would support me. At the time, I had a highly successful international career in international book publishing. And, my major focus was to be a writer. So I decided to write a 50,000 word first draft of a novel in a month. I used PRO, looked at my plan daily, and made myself accountable to my support group by telling them my plan. They were great! They even lent me the keys to their houses when they were away on holiday. I dismissed the idea of starting a short-term holiday letting business (!) and had some great places to write. I not only completed my 64,500 word first draft in 29 days, this is the magic of Best Year yet, I was also hugely successful in other areas in my life — including closing two major contracts with new clients.
  3.  So, the common pitfalls I always help my clients to avoid are:
    • Failing to look at their plan.
    • Failing to call for help when they need it.
    • Giving up on themselves because they’ve experienced a setback. (We all do at some stage and having a coach or some support available generates a massive return on your investment).
    • Letting their fear (or, in my case, pride) stop them from contacting my support group for help.
    • Investing in their limiting paradigm or beliefs. Even some of the smartest people I know do this unconsciously.
    • Forgetting their Guidelines and their own wisdom. (Use PRO regularly, or even get yourself a coach – or team up with someone whom, you know will always keep you focused.)

So, if those are the pitfalls, what are the ‘Do’s’? What can you do to ensure the achievement of your BYY plan? Here are some of what I, my clients, and many others have used over the years:

  1. Find someone to support you. I used a coach after those first 3 months in my first year and have done ever since. The return on my investment is enormous.
  2. Share your top 10 goals and monthly goals with the person – or people – who will support you.
  3. Copy your plan and carry it with you. Reduce it in size so that it fits in your wallet or purse and laminate it. That way you can look at it easily each day. It takes time for you to fully become your new Paradigm or Vision (or Mindset). Reminding yourself of it regularly speeds up the process immeasurably.
  4. Use the PRO online system. Reviewing and acknowledging the progress you’re making on at least a monthly basis, gives you a great burst of positive energy and self confidence. This increases your probability of success significantly.
  5. Keep a record (possibly in a separate word document) and look at it regularly so that it reinforces the progress you’re making – as well as scoring your monthly goals in PRO.
  6. Listen to the Producing Results Audio program every month. When you listen to each month’s lesson several times in the appropriate month, it’s pure gold.
  7. Periodically carry out the Traffic Light Review system in PRO.
  8. Be honest with yourself however challenging the answers might be.
  9. Allow yourself to be supported – be it by it by a friend, family member, or ideally your coach. It’s an investment, not a cost!
  10. Request a copy of the new PRO User’s Guide from your BYY coach or from

A true story to close with…

A client of mine used all of the above for the first 2 years of his new business. He had great success, was acknowledged by his clients, and had built a business worth £250,000. In the third year, he wanted to use the BYY system on his own. I was genuinely delighted for him. Yet 6 months into the year, he called me and shared that things weren’t going so well. We analyzed why. He realized that he’d got out of the habit of the 10 Keys to Success above. We started reintroducing them and by the end of the year he had more than made his sales and profitability targets. I can’t emphasize it enough. He did the work that generated his success. He just needed the support that was right for him.

You have the capacity to generate what you want in life. Just follow the 10 steps above and find a support that’s right for you.

To your success,


Mike has over 25 years’ experience at senior level in business in the UK and internationally.

He has sold, marketed, or published some of the leading authors published over the last 20 years – including John le Carre, Stephen King, Jeffrey Archer, James Patterson, Delia Smith, Dr. Robert Ballard (discoverer of the Titanic), James Herbert, Melvyn Bragg and Rosamunde Pilcher.

He has been Publisher of the world-famous Teach Yourself… series and was responsible for creating and commissioning the Business…in a week series in association with the Institute of Management.

He was made Hodder & Stoughton’s youngest director in the 1980s, and has held sales and marketing director positions for the company’s UK Consumer Books and Educational Divisions. He was also Sales Director for Hodder Headline Australia in Sydney. These businesses are now part of Hachette UK (the UK’s largest and most successful publishing Group).

He has held senior director positions in distribution and operations, and was International Sales Director for Gardners Books (the largest English language wholesaler and distributor outside of the USA), acting as Account Director for the Amazon Group of companies, where he negotiated 8-figure first level cascade supply contracts, worth tens of £ millions annually.

In addition to having worked in publishing, sales and marketing, operations and distribution, he also has a wealth of experience in management consulting, executive coaching and training across the whole spectrum of business and industry internationally.

Now a business consultant, executive coach, and Best Year Yet Practitioner, Program Leader and coach for many international blue chip companies and organizations, he was part of the team that won the Queen’s Award for Industry in International Trade. He is a fully qualified NLP Practitioner, and has thousands of hours of executive and performance coaching.

As well as being a fully qualified NLP Practitioner, he is also a Best Year Yet partner and program leader, and co-author of the Best Year Yet Online for Writers offering, available through

He also devotes a proportion of his time to helping new authors get their books written, published and sold – either through mainstream publishers or through other processes such as Print on Demand and eBooks.

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