Who Uses Best Year Yet?

by Cindy Bostick, Certified Best Year Yet Partner

Incredibly, the Best Year Yet system works for individuals, non-profits, educators, Fortune 500 firms, executive boards, derailed teams, newly formed teams, and entrepreneurs in every industry. What our top clients all have in common is a fundamental dissatisfaction with their current results and a commitment to experience a positive change over a reasonable period of time.

If you’re open to discovering new ways to get the results you want in your businesses and life and you’re eager to put new lessons into practice, Best Year Yet is for you! You know that real sustainable change doesn’t happen with a quick fix, but rather as a result of a well thought out plan that includes the “A” word. Yes, I’m talking about “accountability,” folks. Please don’t cringe because it IS the game changer.

So, let’s examine a few diverse real life situations that our clients have worked through using the Best Year Yet system:

Her world was turned upside down after the breast cancer surgery. She was filled with fear and felt like her dreams had vanished along with her breasts until she discovered the Best Year Yet Online (BYYO) tool during the post surgery treatment protocol. She accessed the online goal setting tool in the privacy of her home and in one and a half hours, she had created her plan and was re-focused on goals that pointed to an exciting next 12 months. Her mental state transformed from being a victim to thinking about what she wanted to accomplish. During the following year, she made an intentional career change and spent a week in Maui!

A team leader of a large real estate office rolled out a campaign to increase productivity and profitability for both the agent and owner. Morale was down along with home prices. The productivity campaign targeted agents who wanted to earn $100,000 over the following 12-month period. During the very first quarter, 70% of the “$100K club members” generated closed production, 49% opened new escrows, and 40% acquired new listing inventory. The agents used the Best Year Yet system to create their specific production and personal goals. Once the goals were set, weekly and monthly group accountability sessions were scheduled. The positive peer pressure of this group is working and many of are on track to experience a phenomenal year in real estate sales.

One of the most exciting examples of using Best Year Yet occurred in 2001 when an accomplished mountain climber set out to achieve a life long dream of conquering Mount Everest. In addition to the treacherous terrain and unforgiving climate, this climber faced a unique challenge: he was completely blind. He organized a 19 member team of world class climbers to help him achieve this goal. This team worked with a certified Best Year Yet Program Leader to develop a strategy for the daunting journey. After three months, the group achieved their goals and made history in the process. The expedition not only included the first blind climber but also a 64 year old climber who was the oldest man to ever reach the summit in 2001.

Are you seeing the possibilities for yourself and your family right now? How about your organization or your board of directors? Welcome to the power of the Best Year Yet System. Its application is universal and your results are limitless!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

Please click on the link below to register to create your personal Best Year Yet Online (BYYO) plan. This is a 2-for-1 bonus offer and includes a free coaching call with me to fine tune your plan.


Cindy Bostick fell in love with the Best Year Yet system five years ago when she attended a workshop along with others from her leadership team. She found the system to be powerful and easy to work through, yielding a few surprises.

Cindy began to immediately share the Best Year Yet principles with others in her real estate office. Not long afterward, she made the decision to become a certified partner with Best Year Yet. In 2010, she decided to focus on coaching others utilizing the principles and tools of Best Year Yet designed by co-founders Tim and Jinny Ditzler.

“The excitement I feel witnessing the AHA moments of my clients validates that I am in my passion zone as a life strategist. At some level, we are all a product of our roots and because we didn’t have perfect parents or teachers, there will be some things to work on in order to live and give our best lives to others.”

Cindy is not only a life strategist but also a real estate broker and former business and finance leader with several Fortune 500 companies and she clearly understands the dynamics and challenges of leading teams and organizations.

Contact Cindy at 760 953-1269 or cindy.bostick@bestyearyet.com