Where Can I Find a Best Year Yet Coach?

by Diana Baysinger

Best Year Yet has had an international presence for over 31 years providing service to thousands of individuals and businesses around the world. Our nearly 400 Best Year Yet Coaches and Program Leaders are known for helping people produce remarkable results in their personal and professional lives. You will find Best Year Yet Coaches in 25 countries including the United States, France, Nigeria, Greece, Italy, Germany, Romania, the United Kingdom and Australia. We have BYY Coaches in 32 states in the United States including Arizona, New York, California, Illinois and Nebraska. You will find Best Year Yet Online available in 5 different languages, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Click here to view the list of countries where our Best Year Coaches and Program Leaders are offering our programs.

Over the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of training 40 Best Year Yet Online Coaches from Russia, Italy, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Greece, Italy, Australia, Romania and the United States. What I know about these coaches is that they use Best Year Yet in their own lives and businesses, and they are committed to taking Best Year Yet into the lives of their clients. Best Year Yet Coaches can be found working with:

  • Individuals, Couples, Managers, Retirees, Students, Teachers, Athletes, Leaders, Entrepreneurs
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, Universities
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Girl Scouts of America, Children Services, YouthZone, Women’s Crisis Center, Technical Assistance Partnership
  • Large Organizations in these industries and market sectors: Banking, Healthcare Insurance, Media, Marketing, Financial Planning, Accounting, Retail Services, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Real Estate, Food, Consulting, Manufacturing, Software, Internet Services, Music, Health and Wellness, Publishing
  • Teams using our Performance Improvement and Appraisal system
  • Governmental Agencies: City Councils, School Boards
  • Leaders for leadership development

Here are a few of our Best Year Yet Coaches, who they work with, and the results their clients are experiencing.

Best Year Yet Coach Scott Miller is in Phoenixville, Penn USA. He is the owner of The Growth League. Scott joined BYY in 2010 as a result of using his own BYY plan for 2 years and working with a BYY coach. The results he experienced inspired him to create a BYY business plan for his own business. Over the last year Scott has taken BYY into Puroclean businesses around the country. Scott helps owners and their teams achieve success through his experiences in franchised business systems and by using BYY proven, web-based performance management software named Producing Results Online® or PRO for short.

Here is what one of his clients said:

“Before you started helping us we were almost like a ship in the ocean without a rudder or sail. Now we have those and have set a course to where we want to go. You have been a huge help for us with this regard. I opened the puzzle up, dumped it out and you showed how to put each piece in the proper place. Also, we are so much more organized with our employees. Everyone knows their specific jobs, and we keep going over these in our regular staff meetings. All in all, Scott, you have my office now where I thought we would be in a year from now. I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you so every year will be My Best Year Yet. Thank you for everything.”- Bob 

Best Year Yet Licensee, Program Leader and Coach Thea Polancic is in Chicago, Ill, USA. She is a co-owner of Clearspace, LLC. Thea created her own BYY plan in April 2002 by using “Your Best Year Yet”, a book written by Jinny Ditzler co-founder of Best Year Yet. When she went to the Program Leader’s Training in July 2002, Thea had already achieved her biggest “long shot” goals. She credited her Paradigm Shift and use of her Guidelines as the biggest contributors to her success. As a BYY Coach, she believes that the one-page plan works on you and provides structure for setting goals that are inspirational and exciting.

“Most people have never created a plan from inspiration.  BYY helps us swing out from plans filled with should’s and other peoples’ desires to what is most true and authentic for us.”

Thea can be found working with leaders of mid-market companies. Her clients are busy people with full lives and focused on results. She assists clients in becoming focused on personal and professional development. As a result of working with leaders has led to a natural progression of working with teams. Team members have expressed relief that their leaders care about their development and this has resulted in increased team effectiveness and overall success for the company. Some of the results of Thea’s BYY Coaching include:

  • Client’s marriage
  • Couples starting their families
  • Launching of a dream job
  • Starting an entrepreneurial business
  • Receiving  $3,000,000 funding

Best Year Yet Licensee, Program Leader and Coach Andrew Duncan is the owner of Goaldtime Management located in York, England, UK. He works with teams from board level to strategically important leadership teams and frontline sales teams. His first experience with BYY in 2001 was as a Sales Director and member of a BYY client Team. In 2004 he started his own consulting business and also became a Best Year Yet Program Leader. He works with teams and is increasing his service in executive coaching and mentoring. All his clients come from recommendations.

Andrew is a true product of the product. He creates his own BYY plan every year and believes the creation of the one-page plan “starts a yearlong journey in living the plan and producing desired results.” He and his adult children meet monthly for their reviews, and they serve as coaches for each other.

He sees the Monthly Performance Review in the Best Year Yet Team Program as a vehicle that embeds the desired behaviors that move the plan from development to delivery through discipline and coaching conversations; a total results focus. Andrew believes that the true measure of any team is that it achieves the results it set out to achieve, every time.

Some of the challenges that his clients have experienced in their business include:

  • No team alignment
  • Too busy being busy and not producing desired results
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of true accountability
  • Performing as individuals, not as a team

The greatest impact BYY has had on his clients include:

  • Leadership skills are enhanced
  • Team members understand their commitments and do what they say they are going to do
  • Team alignment
  • Better decision making
  • Increased trust
  • Being proactive in a reactive market

 These are some comments from his clients:

“Our team has made significant strides forward in achieving our best year so far and certainly without the BYY programme we would currently be struggling to deal with the pressures facing us.  The most significant milestone has been the development of trust amongst our team to an extent I have not experienced before in my career.  The structure drives delivery and accountability, this coupled with Andrew’s personal experience and approachable nature generates excellent and tangible results which all teams can benefit from”.  – Victoria

“Andrew has helped me to cut through the ‘noise’ that often gets in the way of achieving results that matter most in my life.  Setting clear goals with monthly actions and the discipline of a monthly review with Andrew as coach to challenge my activities, has helped me to remain focused on delivering results in areas that I value most.  For example, I set a goal to become fitter and this led to an action to start running.  Within 2 months I was able to run 5k three times a week from having undertaken little exercise for years.  My renewed fitness and Andrew’s coaching, has spurred me on to a new goal to complete a trek to Kilimanjaro which will fulfill one of my lifetime ambitions.” –David

Now that you have received a brief overview of where you can find a Best Year Yet Coach, I invite you to get started with the Best Year Yet 3 step process: Make a Plan, Track the Plan and Become a Master at Producing Results. Click here and you will be on your way in joining thousands of people around the world who are living their Best Year Yet!  You will receive a free ½ hour consultation with this registration.


Diana Baysinger is located in Tempe, Arizona, USA. She is the founder of Arizona Partners, a coaching and consulting business. Diana has been in business for over 28 years and for the last 11 years has provided Best Year Yet programs and presentations throughout the United States and Europe.

She works with leaders, non-profits, small business owners, teams and educational institutions bringing Best Year Yet to all her clients. She has trained partners all over the world through the Best Year Yet Online Coaches Certification program. She is known as an energetic leader who inspires others.

For further information contact Diana Baysinger at diana.baysinger@gmail.com Arizona Partners, 480-820-8694 arizonapartners.net