Let Wisdom Be Your Guide

By Audrey Taylor, Success and Life Coach

Do you remember the valuable life lessons you learned during your formative years?

Some of the most meaningful lessons many of us have learned came during our early childhood experiences “Kindergarten”.  In an excerpt from the book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, American minister and author Robert Fulghum shares a list of lessons normally learned in American kindergarten classrooms such as:

    • Share everything.
    • Play fair.
    • Don’t hit people.
    • Put things back where you found them.
    • Clean up your own mess.

These lessons have served us well. They are helpful guidelines to live by as we grow, interact with others and follow our dreams. They support us to feel safe, sane and secure in the world. Just by following such simple advice will lead to more good outcomes and fewer of the bad ones.

Now as a grown up “life” is our classroom. It presents opportunity after opportunity to grow, follow our dreams and live the life we imagine.

In September, I started my second year using the proven goal setting system Best Year Yet Online (BYYO). The 10 powerful questions in this system are transforming and allow me to be responsible for the direction of my life. As Jinny Ditzler, author of the book, Your Best Year Yet shares, “Every single one of us has the energy, heart, soul and talent…everything we need to be the person we want to be”.  This being said, the self-directed BYYO questions effectively draw out lessons to live life on purpose.

The first three BYYO questions when asked with childlike curiosity reveal valuable lessons for personal transformation. This life changing exercise is instrumental to for creating future success.

These questions reveal the answers we seek from the “inside out”.  They encourage us to go within and listen deeply to our inner wisdom for direction. Wisdom is our guide when we are open, curious and willing to learn.

Let me share an example . . .

In the past, I had a tendency to give less attention and appreciation to all my wonderful accomplishments (ICF Coaching certification) and got bogged down in disappointments (lack of coaching clients). I would chastise myself and also underestimate my ability to unleash my true potential. Believe me, this behavior got in the way of learning the valuable lessons life had come to teach me. By behaving this way I actually was allowing guilt, regret and judgment to hold me back from living into my passions.

“There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons.” 

~Denis Waitley

“Say yes to the next step” is one of the most impactful lesson in my first year using the BYYO system. By this I mean to be in the NOW instead of getting into a state of overwhelm where procrastination can set in. Doing what is the right natural next action has kept me on purpose with growing a flourishing coaching business. In addition to other personal guidelines, “Say yes to the next step” serves as motivation for me to produce the results I want with confidence.

Following my guidelines supports me to build my confidence muscle. When I follow them, I honor who I am and I am always pleasantly surprised with the results I am able to achieve.

Now I see the mishaps in my life more as an “oops” than an invitation for punishment/self-criticism.  Disappointments when kept in perspective uncover supportive advice for success. Accomplishments, when honored, are the greatest source to leverage future success.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure

are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

~Dale Carnegie

Recently, one of my clients revealed to me that once she accepted her own advice “Follow-thru with what I say I will do” she stayed motivated to file 7 years of delinquent taxes. She equates this major accomplishment with being a reliable and dependable person. In addition she feels joy, pride and confidence in her accomplishment.

“Inner wisdom is more important than wealth.

The more you spend it, the more you gain.”

~Oprah Winfrey

Join me in following these helpful reminders as you let wisdom be your guide.

  • Live in the question: “What did I learn?” What did this disappointment come to teach me? Stay open to the answer.
  • Be in a state of curiosity.
  • Notice how your guidelines support you each and every day.
  • Use your guidelines to strengthen your confidence muscle.


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Audrey Taylor is President of DeBarros Ltd, a Human Resource Consulting, Training and Coaching business in Marietta, Georgia in Human Resource Management, Organization Development and Coaching.

Audrey is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in delivering Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management initiatives and Executive Coaching programs in various industries. She is highly rated as an inspiring coach, enthusiastic facilitator and college professor. Her optimistic style encourages and empowers the best in those she serves.

Audrey holds distinct certificates: Best Year Yet® Online Coach, International Coach Federation as ACC, “Coach Academy Professional Coach (CAPC)”, “Certified NLP Coach (NLPC), “Passion Test” Facilitator, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), graduate of Robbins Research International Inc., Mastery University Program. She is also an Adjunct Professor Online at DeVry University, teaching classes in Career Development.