Make More Money In The Middle of the Recession

by Cindy Bostick, Certified Best Year Yet Partner

I live in the High Desert area of Southern California, and a few weeks ago I attended a conference in one of my favorite cities, Santa Monica.  I grew up near there and spent many summers at the beach and on the pier. I most effortlessly connect to a place of peace within me when I’m near the ocean ~ no matter what’s going on in the world and in my life.

Thought leader Bill Cummings paints the picture beautifully. He says,

“There is nothing like the sound of the open ocean crashing against the rocky coast…  Listen for a minute and you will hear the rhythm, the pace of the seawater as it hits the shore.  Day in and day out that water comes in and goes out, in cycles as regular as anything on earth.  Two high tides and two low tides each day, predictable years in advance.  At anything but the highest of tides, you can see the tidal marks of the water at last high tide.

There is something so regular, powerful, beautiful about it, that in this one place, I sense the entire ordering of the universe, the incredible gift we’ve been given – life – is impossible to miss in this place. Almost anything can be going wrong, crisis upon crisis and in this place by the ocean, I am, in the midst of chaos at peace.”

Life happens and change is as predictable as the high and low tides, whether it be a job change, illness, debt, a new love, death or ______ ~ you fill in the blank with the hurdle you’re facing.  Know that you have everything you need to prevail, if you know what it is you really want. More later about this, but first I want to share my story.

Two years ago, I made the decision to leave a leadership position I had outgrown with a large real estate company in order to free myself up to focus on two key areas of my life:

  • Developing my coaching business, and
  • Helping take care of my mother who had Alzheimer’s disease.

I proceeded with a clear sense of purpose, knowing I didn’t want another “job” to go to. Spending more time with my mother was important to me as well as developing an exceptional skill set as a coach. It didn’t matter what the stock market was doing or what the unemployment rate was or what was going on in Europe. I learned to say No in a way that was empowering. Rather than making me feel guilty, I’m now serving others and myself at a higher level. 

Gay Hendricks describes changes like mine in his book, The Big Leap, saying, “Discovering your Zone of Genius is your life’s big leap. Everything up until now has been about hops, not leaps. Hopping, though it seems safe, is actually hazardous to your health. If you confine yourself to hops, you run the risk of rusting from the inside out.”

What I’m learning about making more money in the middle of the recession is this:

Now is the best time to stop, exhale, and examine how you are connecting 

with that which makes your heart sing and your spirit come alive.

As author Michael Neill discusses in his “Effortless Success” CD series, “what’s the biggest WOW you can imagine? Not the logical next step if you followed the path you’re currently on.”

How do you connect to that place of peace inside?  For me, it’s the ocean. My hope is that wherever you are, you become crystal clear about your destination and have the courage to leap to your greatness!

How? The Best Year Yet tool is a perfect place to start. You’re a click away from making the next 12 months your personal best!

All the Best,

Cindy Bostick
Mobile:  760.953.1269

Cindy is a Best Year Yet Program Leader and Business/Life Coach. She is President of the 2012 Women’s Council of Realtors Victor Valley Chapter and also a Real Estate Broker. In 2010, Cindy transitioned from the role of managing a large real estate franchise to focus on coaching individuals and teams achieve the results they most want and need in their lives.

She is especially sensitive to the challenges faced by real estate and other professionals today and works with her clients to provide perspective, a road map and accountability as they create and achieve their most important business and personal goals.

Prior to real estate sales, management and coaching, Cindy invested 20 years in the defense industry as Sr. Finance and Business Manager. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business and has completed graduate level marketing course work.

In January 2012, Cindy will be attending Michael Neill’s internationally renowned Supercoach Academy.

Cindy and her husband reside in Apple Valley, Ca.