5 Ways to Play a Bigger Game

By Audrey Taylor, Best Year Yet® Partner

What holds you back from playing a bigger game in life? Do you have the courage to pursue your passions? The truth is that playing a bigger game is a choice that leads to the life everyone is meant to have.

For many years, maybe even for decades, I would hold back from playing a bigger game in life. In my mind, playing a bigger game was out of my reach. Playing small was much easier and safe, so I thought.

An empowering system for playing a bigger game is Best Year Yet® Online. The Best Year Yet® Online system helps individuals and teams apply 5 Principles of Transformation to uncover what is yearning to be expressed in a way that is fun, compelling, and results producing.

How to play a bigger game

1.      Use the information life gives you.

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”
~ Ram Dass

Did you know that a space shuttle is off course most of the time and needs to make small mid-course corrections to keep on course? This same rule is no different when you encounter disappointments while playing the bigger game. Disappointment is really feedback. It is the information life gives you to make the necessary adjustment to get on track.

When I launched my coaching business, I encountered a number of setbacks trying to figure out how to effectively brand and market the business. This was definitely not my area of expertise — to me it was like trying to do brain surgery on myself. The valuable lesson I learned from these stops and starts was to “Ask for help.” So, Instead of trying to do everything on my own, I hired a marketing professional.

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.”  Willie Jolley

Faithfully, allow the information life gives you to answer the questions: “What did this come to teach me? What is the lesson here?” This will definitely put you in a position to take necessary corrective action and stay in the game.

2.      Manage your life from the inside out.

Entertaining negative mind talk can upset your ability to play a bigger game. This year I got in touch with a limiting belief (I refer to it as my gremlin) that had been running my life for entirely too long:  “I am not good enough.”  Ironically, the only one giving this gremlin the time of day was me.

The mind is a very powerful tool and requires conscientious monitoring of your thoughts to weed out what limits you and shift to what is true about you. This becomes your empowering paradigm.  My empowering paradigm this year is “I am living my true greatness. I am enough!”

“You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts.”
~ Rhonda Byrne, Author of the Secret

3.      Decide what you want and focus on it.

“Keep your eye on the ball” is what my dad would say when instructing me how to putt in golf. When I focused on the little white ball, I was more likely to get it to go where I wanted. This applies to any key role you choose to play in life. Being clear and focused on your key role allows you to keep your attention and energy moving in the direction of what you want.

Not only does this minimize distractions, it allows you to be on purpose, and stay on purpose. To play a bigger game, what role do you want to put your full attention on to get results? The answer is your Major Focus.

4.      Commit to goals that make your heart sing.

“Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant’s into cans, dreams into plans; plans into reality. Don’t think it – ink it!” Author Unknown

Along with a commitment to play a bigger game, create a compelling vision and set clearly defined goals. In preparation to defining your goals, begin with a vision creation process:

    • Spend time imagining. If you had all the time, money, and resources you need, how would you describe a year in which you were playing big? How would you feel? What would you accomplish? What would be others saying about you?
    • Write a Future Letter in the present tense and read it daily.

Next, turn your most important wants into written goals. Ask: “What results do I want to achieve as I play a bigger game? What will be the evidence I see, hear and feel when I achieve what I want?” The answer to these questions will point you in the right direction and get you moving. Write your goals so they are specific, measurable, time-phased, realistic, and inspiring.

5.     Happily sing your own praises.

During my formative years, it was not OK for a young girl to sing her own praises. This kind of self-expression was considered a form of conceit, vanity, pride, or even arrogance. Joyfully acknowledge successes as a way to keep life in balance.

Faithfully, take on an evening ritual to capture your successes. Set aside time to recall, list, and appreciate your greatness. Make this an act of celebration by capturing in your journal 5 or more ways you are most proud yourself each day. What major obstacle did you overcome? What milestones did you reach? How did you play a bigger game? Read over your list, stand up and give yourself a big hug or do the happy dance. You deserve it! You are a champion!

If you are ready to play a bigger game using Best Year Yet Online as your way to experience more joy and fulfillment in life, feel free to contact me for support. http://www.coachingforgreatness.com/vip-day

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Audrey holds distinct certificates: Best Year Yet® Online Coach, International Coach Federation as ACC, “Coach Academy Professional Coach (CAPC)”, “Certified NLP Coach (NLPC), “Passion Test” Facilitator, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), graduate of Robbins Research International Inc., Mastery University Program. She is also an Adjunct Professor Online at DeVry University, teaching classes in Career Development.