I Step Up and Make a Difference

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia 

We are not fully aware of the way we see the world and people around us.  However, if we were able to keep track of what makes us happy, angry, frustrated or disgusted, we would be able to identify some of our paradigms.

A bull when shown a red rag gets agitated and angry.  What are your triggers for anger, sadness, joy, happiness, reflectiveness and so on?

Discovering your paradigms is daunting initially, but as you go along you find it is interesting and fascinating. When your paradigms are deeply rooted, you tend not to listen as you feel you know what is going to happen or be said – you’re making assumptions.

On the other hand if you are able to just observe a situation or person, keeping all thoughts out of your own mind and focusing on the story unraveling in front of you, you experience a childlike excitement as the drama unfolds.

My new empowering paradigm is ‘I Step up and Make a Difference’, which inspires me to take the first step, knowing that doing so makes a positive difference.

Until the first day of this year I was working for a great organization, filled with great people.  We had a product that was good for the environment, and the customers were using it. However, I often felt stale and jaded and struggled to get excited about going to work every day. In such a situation one starts to find someone or something to blame for one’s own lack of joy and enthusiasm. This kind of situation is usually works two ways, with both parties developing paradigms that lead to separation rather than union. Furthermore this dynamic happens all the time in relationships.

Having stumbled across Best Year Yet while doing some research on the Internet, I saw a program that was so simple yet so powerful while being applicable to everyone. This discovery was the trigger for me to change my situation — provided I had the courage. I stepped up, knowing that I could make a difference in my life as well as others.

Leaving a well-paying secure job to start your own business, with no contracts or confirmed sources of income could be considered foolhardy. But if you have self-confidence and belief in yourself and a powerful empowering paradigm to guide you then things start to happen.

 Today we want everything instantly and hate having to wait for success,
while in reality all things happen at a pace that is just right.

You have to drop bad habits and adopt new ones, learn new skills and adapt to working in new ways, and all this takes time and cannot be rushed. This is possible only if you have a strong positive and empowering paradigm, which protects you from all the negativity — provided you keep putting in the effort to bring your paradigm alive and keep it so. Simply having positive thoughts and ideas while sitting idle will not give you results, you need to take action.

The first three months of my new direction have taken up in setting up my company, website, home office, and coming to grips with being the source of my problems as well as the solution. I focused my attention and energy on taking the Best Year Yet program to Vanuatu dubbed the country with the happiest people in the world. The people there are very capable but do not have access to programs and knowledge to enable them to make decisions based on sound values and principles.

Nearly all who saw the Best Year Yet presentation were keen to start, but there were many cultural and managerial factors, which delayed their making a commitment. My resolve has been tested, and my faith and trust come under scrutiny.

However, I have persisted and will get a breakthrough in April doing a program for an iconic organization, which will then open the floodgates.  Having worked in the South Pacific for the last eight years, and having met many wonderful and loving people, simple and uncomplicated, I am driven by my paradigm

I Step up and Make a Difference

to take the Best Year Yet program to the Pacific countries. It is not going to be easy, but the fruits of the labor will be seen many years from now when the people from the Pacific choose to make every year their Best Year Yet.

Ashoka started working at the age of 17 as a Cadet Officer in the Merchant Navy and sailed the 7 Seas on various ships becoming a Master Mariner and then swapping his Sea Legs for Land Legs in 1992. The key learnings gained in these 15 years were: Take initiative and be innovative, Face and challenge your Fears, Storms seem to last forever but they are always followed by calm and peace, and finally Treat people with respect and without judgement.

The years 1992 to 1996 were transformational years, wherein he worked as a Taxi Driver, Storeman, Warehouse Supervisor, Maritime teacher, Sales representative, Telemarketer,  Insurance sales, Financial Planner, Network Marketer and a Maritime Consultant. The last role led to a permanent position in a big energy company, managing the two LPG ships that they had. Tackling the Fears on land was far scarier than the Storms and huge waves at sea, such as the fear of speaking in front of a class, making sales calls to sell advertising and insurance.

He completed an MBA in 2003 and was given the opportunity to manage 9 subsidiary companies in the South Pacific. The businesses and the people grew and developed due to his strong principles and values driven approach, putting people first, and providing coaching and mentoring to all staff. Ashoka is a trained facilitator in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people program which was rolled out to all Leaders and Managers.  In October 2011, he became a Best Year Yet Coach, and he completed the Best Year Yet Program Leader’s training in November. He is now a certified Master Coach and has embarked on the next phase of his journey setting up his own company ConsultNCoach to help people from all walks of life find their purpose and achieve Results. He can be contacted at Ashoka.gore@bestyearyet.com