Trigger for Transformation

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia 

Life has an amazing way of causing us humans to change direction or get a move on when we get bogged down. These “Triggers for Transformation” are many and varied and are usually recognizable after the event.

My nephew, a talented musician, went to Los Angeles for a year to discover his calling and find a niche in the mammoth music industry. He was reasonably successful in scoring a few gigs and nearly getting to be the keyboard player for a big name band.  When he came home to Sydney for the Christmas season, I had just started my new career as a Best Year Yet® Program Leader and my gift to him was a Best Year Yet® plan. We worked through creating the plan in a local café over cups of coffee and slices of pizza.

In the Best Year Yet® process, Question 4 about limiting beliefs and paradigms is, in my opinion, the most powerful part of the process and provides a Trigger for Transformation.  My nephew had strong limiting beliefs that he had missed the boat, was too old to make it as a musician, and was really down and out. As we explored the deeper meaning behind his limiting paradigms, he created several empowering paradigms instead of just one:

  • I do my best in every moment
  • I am leaving my past behind
  • I am not defined by the old rules of success
  • I am good enough to achieve my goals
  • Time is a productive factor where every moment counts

Completing his plan helped him to see the many positives he had in his life – a loving family and a great network of friends and well-wishers. He could also see the benefit of looking at his whole life, rather than at just one aspect, and of planning his priorities over a 12-month period instead of living a day-to-day existence.

On his return to Los Angeles, things started to happen and he found himself co-producing music with a renowned music producer.  He truly had a transformation!

My nephew helped me recognize that this process is an ideal tool for young adults who have left the secure comforts of home.  When they enter the turbulent waters of life it is totally natural that they look to the past for guidance, but this can hold them back.  As parents and teachers, we often do not understand how our best intentions towards our young ones create strong limiting beliefs in them which act like anchors, restricting their progress and their vision of the future.

When we are enveloped in a fog we get confused and lose all sense of direction, retreating into the past to seek solace.  On the other hand, when we have clear visibility ahead of us, our thoughts and actions are purposeful and we attract powerful forces to help fulfill our desires. We can see our next steps, follow the tasks to completion, and celebrate our accomplishments.  Then looking back in confusion becomes a thing of the past.

Ashoka started working at the age of 17 as a Cadet Officer in the Merchant Navy and sailed the 7 Seas on various ships becoming a Master Mariner and then swapping his Sea Legs for Land Legs in 1992. The key learnings gained in these 15 years were: Take initiative and be innovative, Face and challenge your Fears, Storms seem to last forever but they are always followed by calm and peace, and finally, treat people with respect and without judgement.

The years 1992 to 1996 were transformational years, wherein he worked as a Taxi Driver, Storeman, Warehouse Supervisor, Maritime teacher, Sales representative, Telemarketer,  Insurance sales, Financial Planner, Network Marketer and a Maritime Consultant. The last role led to a permanent position in a big energy company, managing the two LPG ships that they had. Tackling the Fears on land was far scarier than the Storms and huge waves at sea, such as the fear of speaking in front of a class, making sales calls to sell advertising and insurance.

He completed an MBA in 2003 and was given the opportunity to manage 9 subsidiary companies in the South Pacific. The businesses and the people grew and developed due to his strong principles and values driven approach, putting people first, and providing coaching and mentoring to all staff. Ashoka is a trained facilitator in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people program which was rolled out to all Leaders and Managers.  In October 2011, he became a Best Year Yet® Coach, and he completed the Best Year Yet® Program Leader’s training in November. He is now a certified Master Coach and has embarked on the next phase of his journey setting up his own company ConsultNCoach to help people from all walks of life find their purpose and achieve Results. He can be contacted at