Our 12 Month Program

Our 12 Month Program

Whether you want a Best Year Yet for YOU, YOUR TEAM or YOUR CLIENTS, you need to devote a full year to this system to implement the improvements you’re after in behavior, attitude and results.

  • Feeling guilty because you didn’t remember the great lessons from that bestseller?
  • Wish that inspiriing weekend seminar made a lasting impact?

Worried that your direct reports or coaching clients aren’t getting the results they really need in these tough times?

    You’re not alone — all of us need the tim, tools and follow-up to make our goal setting make it to delivery!

    Every one of our programs is a yearlong program because you can’t achieve a personal tranformation and you can’t become a master at producing results in a week or a weekend!

    Using our powerful and proven goal planning and goal setting software, you easily set, track, and score your monthly and weekly plan in just minutes a month! In just 20 minutes a month you listen to a special new lesson to guide you to become a master at producing results!