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Taking Care of Yourself By Kris Gleason
In this day and age, the average person seems to be pulled in a hundred different directions. We are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, that we rarely make the time to take care of ourselves.

In order to achieve any kind of personal transformation you need to be in top form. You may produce results, but if you’re not taking care of yourself, the results you produce will not be fulfilling and your ability to continue to produce results will diminish over time.

There are two aspects to taking care of yourself. One way is taking care of your development as a person – as a grownup who makes things happen and produces results. The other is taking care of yourself as a human being – physically and emotionally – so that you’re stronger and more resilient.

If you need permission and encouragement to take time to recharge your batteries and increase your personal fulfillment, join Kris Gleason, Director of Customer Services for Best Year Yet, as she shares ideas on how to Take Care of Yourself.