by Karen Morey, Best Year Yet® Partner and Director of Training

“I have come to the realization that my job is all-consuming. Between my job and my family, I have no other life!”

I was meeting with a woman who was a member of a leadership team I was coaching and she had just completed her own individual Best Year Yet plan as part of the program.  Although I had not had this discussion with her before, her words sounded familiar.

By Jinny Ditzler, Best Year Yet® Founder

On a rainy afternoon 5 years ago fifteen members of the Aspen Executive Service Corps participated in a brainstorming session with a youth services organization called YouthZone.  The question Executive Director Debbie Wilde posed:

“Should we take what we’ve built so far and expand its reach to youth services
organizations throughout the U.S.?  If so, how?”

by Karen Morey, Best Year Yet® Director of Training

What a boost to open an email that said “You and Best Year Yet have worked miracles for us!” And a far cry from the call I had received from the same person three years earlier:  “We need help!”

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia 

Life has an amazing way of causing us humans to change direction or get a move on when we get bogged down. These “Triggers for Transformation” are many and varied and are usually recognizable after the event.

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia 

We are not fully aware of the way we see the world and people around us.  However, if we were able to keep track of what makes us happy, angry, frustrated or disgusted, we would be able to identify some of our paradigms.