Rule 1 Know exactly what you want

For example, if the sales target for your business is $50,000 for the coming month, you already know exactly what you want! So you’re following the first rule.

Imagine it’s the 10th of the month, and you know your sales so far are 15,500 exactly. You’re also following the second rule.

1. 1. Know exactly what you want: $50,000 in sales
2. 2. Know exactly how you’re doing – always! $15,500 on the 10th

Start Playing the Game with just one result until you get the hang of it. Take the time to choose the target – exactly what you want. Up to you. If you work with others, get together and align on your exact target.

Rule 2 Know exactly how you’re doing – always

The second rule is a bit trickier because there are some strong limiting beliefs that keep us from looking at our results:

I’m afraid what I’ll find out when I check – better not to know.

Who’s got time to stop and figure out exactly where I am.

I think we’re probably at about $2,000, not sure.

I’ve got more urgent things to do right now.

Notice those beliefs and then just grab yourself by the collar and move toward the task of finding out exactly how you’re doing.

Above all, don’t forget the ‘always’ part. Keep you records up to date so that you’re always following the second rule. I say to my clients, ‘If I were to call you In the middle of the night and wake you out of a sound sleep, I want you to be able to tell exactly how you’re doing! I mean it!!’

There have been a handful of times in my life when I made a commitment that produced miraculous results – as if by magic! I recall the first one occurred about 23 years ago when, in front of a workshop full of participants, I declared I was going to complete my Master’s Degree in six months. After I left the workshop, I couldn’t believe what a foolish promise I had made. “No way,” I thought. “What was I thinking?” I had a full time job, was a single parent, and was not at all confident that I could pull off what I had declared as my intention.
It was then July.