by Cathey Stamps, Best Year Yet® Partner and VP of Marketing & Communications

My partner has a saying that helps me keep myself from getting caught up in the stress, drama and weighty-ness of work situations – “We’re not saving lives here.” It’s a great reminder that I don’t need to put too much stress on myself over the little things. Since I have stepped into my role at Best Year Yet®, I have a different perspective on that saying.

By Betty Mahalik, Best Year Yet® Partner

This is a story I never tire of telling.  I tell it anytime I have the opportunity to — whether in workshop, a coaching session, or a simple conversation with a friend.  I tell it because it’s an example of the power of positive prophecy.

By Thomas Freitag,  Best Year Yet® Partner in Switzerland

I was “The King of To-Do Lists”. Back in the 80’s when there were no electronic devices, a student at the university told me, “You are my role model for being well organized. How do you plan your exams?“ He seemed to be impressed by my bulky personal management notebook. At the same time I was asked by others to organize training sessions on self-management. Looking back, this was probably the starting point of my coaching career.

An often-made observation to teams and individuals, who protest that they haven’t got the time, is that ‘we can all make space for the things that are important’. But is what we actually do truly important? Is it really more valuable to spend time sending that last e-mail rather than getting home to do my share with the kids? Is going to the mall (again) a more significant contributor to my life than going to the gym (at last). Do I really want to continue this endless, meaningless phone call with such a mean-spirited gossip when I’m already late for my mother/child/date/lesson/ book club/supper/etc.?