by Kris Gleason, Best Year Yet® Partner

Lately, I’ve been distracted by my rear view mirror. I can’t get into my car any more without glancing at it and recalling a passage I recently read in a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Erod. In it, Hal says one of the most crippling causes of mediocrity in life is a condition he calls Rear view Mirror Syndrome (RMS ).

Our subconscious minds are equipped with a self-limiting rear view mirror, through which we continuously relive and recreate our past. We mistakenly believe that who we were is who we are, thus limiting our true potential in the present, based on the limitations of our past.

Most of us are waiting. We don’t realize we’re waiting because we’re so busy. But if we really look, we’re waiting.

We’re waiting for the right moment to get started on what we really want to do. Or for the right job. Or for the right person to join us. We think to ourselves “Once I get this done, then I’ll really get started doing what I want.”

But before we finish doing what we’re doing, we’re interrupted by another priority that pulls us away and off we go doing that thing, desperately trying to catch up so we can get back to where we were so we can really get started.

This goes on all the time – non-stop — and we become hoodwinked by our busyness. We become the victim of our own circumstances, with no way out. We’re stuck.