Achieving desired results is a product of having the right mindset, taking actions consistent with that mindset, and having a process of follow-up or accountability. To do that, there are two important rules: you must know exactly what it is you want (your goal) and exactly how you are doing – at all times!

This is a concept we can all easily agree to, and yet we resist the actions necessary to turn the concept into reality. It can be especially hard for business managers to believe that “Playing the Game” works with grownups – until they give it a try.

Are you in a mental cage of your own making? What would it take for your to escape the cage and create the life you want?

Recently, I heard a story about a beautiful tiger who had been rescued from a lifetime in a roadside zoo, finally escaping the cage. The tiger had been there since birth and didn’t know anything about life outside those bars. She spent her days anxiously pacing back and forth along a 12 ft. wall, looking out the bars into the faces of people who were looking back at her.

by Patrick Kelly, Best Year Yet® Partner

In our aim to achieve our Best Year Yet®, a close knit circle of supporters and allies can be critical. This may take the form of family members, friends, and coaches. I propose the simile of storks preparing for long-distance travel. As they leave the ground, they fly wingtip to wingtip, watching one another, for the one that hits the thermal: the one that lifts the entire flock to higher air and saves energy for the long voyage.